Acro class allows students to work towards increased strength, flexibility, balance, and muscular control. While classes are separated by level, instructors will teach each student based on their individual level of experience. Beginning acro students will learn the basics such as headstands, forward rolls, cartwheels, and backbends, with an emphasis on how to perform skills correctly and safely. Once the basics are established, skills become more challenging as students progress through the curriculum. As students become more experienced they work towards skills such as aerials, front and back handsprings, and more!

Division 1 Acro

This entry-level class introduces basic acro skills that will later be used as the building blocks toward more advanced skills at higher levels. Students will practice core strengthening and flexibility activities that are essential for performing acro skills within their dances. At this level, students will learn the basic movements for headstands, handstands, bridges, front and back rolls, and cartwheels. Any acro tricks that are put into their dance will be worked on in this class. An emphasis will be placed on performing skills correctly and safely.

Division 2 Acro

This class builds upon the skills learned in Division 1 Acro. Core strengthening and flexibility training will continue at a more difficult level. Now that the students have mastered basic Acro movements, they will do them with a more advanced variation. Students will work on balancing in headstands and handstands, bridges turn into traveling steps, back kick overs are introduced, front rolls become dive rolls, and cartwheels are done running. Any Acro tricks that are put into their dance will be worked on in this class.

Divisions 3 & 4 Acro

This intermediate-level class is available for students who have mastered all previous skills. In this class, students will further advance their Acro skills by adding more complexity to existing skills and learning new, more advanced skills. Students will now perform one-handed cartwheels and round-offs, work on back and front walkovers, handstand forward rolls, chin stands, and elbow stands. Any Acro tricks that are put into their dance will be worked on in this class.

Advanced Acro Classes

Advanced Acro classes are available for students who have mastered all previous skills. Students will further advance their Acro skills by adapting walkovers into diving walkovers or front aerials, and cartwheels will progress into side aerials. Chin, elbow, and handstand balances will be perfected and students will work on transitions between these steps. Front and back handsprings will be introduced. Any Acro tricks that are put into their dance will be worked on in this class.




Any color leotard and tights | Black Dance Shorts are acceptable.


Pulled back in a ponytail or bun off of the face

Note: Girls with hair too short to be tied back should have their hair pinned back out of their faces.


Medical ID’s and newly pierced ears are permitted.

No other jewelry is allowed due to safety reasons.

Recommended Store

The Dance Station:

(443) 674-8075
48 Flint Dr., Suite 101, North East, MD 21901

Division 1 & 2 Acro

Ages: 6-8 years

Acro Experience: 0-1 years

Class Time: 30 Minutes

Dance Type: Acro

Division 3 and above

Ages: 8+ years

Acro Experience: Varies depending on the level

Class Time: 30 Minutes

Dance Type: Acro


If a student missed a class due to illness, vacation or any other reason, arrangements can be made to attend another regularly scheduled class to make up the missed class (if one is available). No credits or refunds will be given for missed classes and special make-up classes will be scheduled only if a class session is cancelled by the school, instructor or  2+ days due to inclement weather.

Please be aware that make-up classes are restricted. Again these make-ups may be done ONLY with instructor permission and by appointment. This is also with the understanding that your child may not be able to participate in the entire make-up class. She will be able to participate in barre work, warm-ups, and across the floor routines. However, when the class is working on their recital routine, she will be asked to be the audience during this time. It is very disruptive to have a dancer who is unfamiliar with a routine in class. This also allows us to build consistency with all of our dancers.

Any dancer who missed more than two consecutive classes or more than 4 classes total after March 1st will not be permitted to dance in the year-end recital. Again this is due to the need for consistency and out of fairness to the other dancers in the class.

The instructor reserves the right to disallow make-ups in order to preserve the integrity of the class and prevent unnecessary disruptions. Make-ups will not be constructive after a certain point in the year and will not be permitted after March 1st.

If the suspension or absence of classes is for a medical reason, The Dancing Lights Ballet School requires a written medical explanation from a treating physician, and upon return may require a release to resume.

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Note: Please communicate with the Director to discuss any financial hardship that may affect payments being made in a timely manner.

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