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Rapunzel and Elena of Avalor Camp

Join us as we explore the adventures of Rapunzel and Elena of Avalor! We will learn dances to the music from the shows and movie. Also, play games and make crafts inspired by these princesses. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a week of fun!


Pink Leather Ballet Slippers | Black Plain Leather Tap Shoes (“Mary Jane” style)

Tap Shoe Requirements: Only plain leather Tap shoes made from pure Aluminum or Steel may be worn in our dance school. This policy will be strictly enforced for all dancers. Tap shoes made by Leo’s or Capezio Tele Tone is the required brand due to the quality and flexibility to help promote better foot health. If a student currently owns properly fitting black tap shoes that lace-up, they may use it. Once they grow out of their existing shoes, they must purchase the required brand and style listed above. Please make sure not to purchase patent leather. Material must be plain leather.

Note: Please be sure to tighten, and double knot, all ballerinas’ ballet shoes. While bows can be cute, shoes that become loose during class can create a safety hazard. Please cut off excess string, and apply a drop of glue to the knot. Dance shoes and our professional dance floor can get damaged if dance shoes are worn outside.


Pink, blue, black or white leotard with pink tights. Skirts, tutus, or leg warmers are optional

Note: Students may wear black skirts, black shorts and black jazz pants during appropriate class time.


Pulled back in a ponytail or bun off shoulders and face.

Note: Girls with hair too short to be tied back should have their hair pinned back out of their faces.


Medical ID’s and newly pierced ears are permitted.

No other jewelry is allowed due to safety reasons.

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The Dance Station:

(443) 674-8075
48 Flint Dr., Suite 101, North East, MD 21901

Rapunzel & Elena of Avalor Camp


What to Bring: Sack Lunch (Full Day Only) | Snacks | Water | Leotards | Ballet Shoes

Dance Type:

Monday, August 5th thru Friday, August 9th


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Instructed by: Ms. Aisha

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