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Our intensive workshops include Ballet Technique, Pointe Technique and Variations, contemporary choreography, character study and performance etiquette.

If you are unable to make all 6 weeks of classes you may substitute an intensive workshop for a missed class at no cost with Director’s approval.

If you’re interested in enrolling in a workshop but the dancer does not meet the recommended requirements, please contact us.

Note: Classes, Dates and Times are subject to change

If you pay the registration fee for this Summer Program, it will also apply towards the following school year. Your next registration fee will be due the next summer program in 2020.


$4000per workshop
  • Tuition due by July 5th

Annual Registration Fee: $25

If you register after July 5th, tuition is due upon registration.


Advanced workshops will be variations from Blue Bird and Sleeping Beauty.

Held for 2 hours from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm on a Thursday
Instructed by Aisha

In this intensive we will work on improving our ballet and pointe skills. We will strengthen the muscles needed to become better ballerinas. Dancers will get the chance to prepare themselves for the new dance year by building their technique. We will also learn variations from famous ballets and at the end of the week dancers will participate in The Ballet Olympics. Workshop is recommended for ages 4-7. 

Workshop Date
Advance I Pointe Friday, July 26th
Advanced III Pointe (For Advance III+ Students) Friday, August 2nd

Held for 2 hours from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in Studio 35 on a Tuesday
Instructed by Angela Russo

Workshop Date Details
Contemporary July 23rd Advanced III and Up or by invitation
Turns and Leaps July 30th Advanced III and Up or by invitation
Hip Hop August 13th Advanced I and Up or by invitation
Hip Hop August 20th Advanced III and Up or by invitation

Dress Code

Black Leotards and Pink (transition/regular) Tights | Black Dance Shorts are acceptable.

Advanced: Pink Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoes | Black & Tan Tap Shoes (“Bootie” style)

Tap Shoe Requirements:

Only plain leather Tap shoes made from pure Aluminum or Steel may be worn in our dance school. This policy will be strictly enforced for all dancers. Tap shoes made by Leo’s or Capezio Tele Tone is the required brand due to the quality and flexibility to help promote better foot health. If a student currently owns properly fitting black tap shoes that lace-up, they may use it. Once they grow out of their existing shoes, they must purchase the required brand and style listed above. Please make sure not to purchase patent leather. Material must be plain leather.


Please be sure to tighten, and double knot, all ballerinas’ ballet shoes. While bows can be cute, shoes that become loose during class can create a safety hazard. Please cut off excess string, and apply a drop of glue to the knot. Dance shoes and our professional dance floor can get damaged if dance shoes are worn outside.

Pulled back in a ponytail or bun off shoulders and face | Tuesday – Pulled back in a bun only.


Girls with hair too short to be tied back should have their hair pinned back out of their faces.

  • Medical ID’s and newly pierced ears are permitted.
  • No other jewelry is allowed due to safety reasons.

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