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Is there additional fees outside of tuition?


There is a non-refundable annual registration fee per family of $25.00. This is due upon enrollment. If your child enrolled in a Summer Program, the registration fee also applies to the following school year. If your child is participating in our Spring Recital, there is a Costume I fee of $90.00 due by November 5th. Costume II fee is approximately $35.00 due by April 5th. Exact amount TBA for Costume II. The second costume is not applicable for Advanced Dancers. Students, parents, family members and friends will need to purchase a ticket to attend the recital. Ticket price may vary every year. We will inform [...]

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What is the tuition?


Tuition is based on the number of class hours per week, not the number of classes taken. It is averaged into 9 monthly payments (35 weeks) of class instruction. All scheduled closing days for the year have already been adjusted into the tuition. Discounts There is a 5% discount if you are paying a full year’s tuition in advance. This payment is to be made by check only. There is also an hourly rate discount. The more hours the dancer is enrolled in, the more the savings: Please view our Tuition for further details.

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When is the tuition due?


If you just enrolled, tuition and the registration fee is (if applicable) is due upon enrollment once you receive class placement confirmation. Future tuition payments thereafter is due by the 5th of each month. Tuition can be paid in full (5% discount by check only) or it can be paid monthly via credit card, cash, or check. An Automatic Tuition Payment option is available as a convenience to those families that would like their tuition automatically deducted on or after the 5th business day of each month. To take advantage of this feature, you must manually complete the first initial payment including the [...]

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What is the late fee when tuition is not paid on time?


There is a non-negotiable $15 late fee applied to your account after the 5th of each month. If no payment is received by the last day of the month, an additional $10.00 fee will be applied. After 60 days in arrear, the student will not be allowed to attend any class until account is brought current. There is a non-negotiable $25 NSF fee for returned checks and/or declined credit card payments.

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Do you offer Family Discounts for enrolling multiple students?


Yes. You receive $10.00 off each additional child. This discount is maxed at $20.00. We manually adjust your account to reflect discounts applicable. We will contact you with the exact amount due prior to processing your first payment.

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