Project Description


This is a combination class designed for our youngest dancers who want to express their independence. Dancers will have fun learning pre-ballet movement to popular children’s music through singing and movement games. Props such as pom pons, hula hoops and bean bags are used to enhance the learning experience. Class sizes are kept very small to assure plenty of individual attention for our youngest dancers.


Pink Leather Ballet Slippers


Pink, blue, black or white leotard with pink tights. Skirts, tutus, or leg warmers are optional

Note: Students may wear black skirts, black shorts and black jazz pants during appropriate class time.


Pulled back in a ponytail or bun off shoulders and face.

Note: Girls with hair too short to be tied back should have their hair pinned back out of their faces.


Medical ID’s and newly pierced ears are permitted.

No other jewelry is allowed due to safety reasons.

Recommended Store

The Dance Station:

(443) 674-8075
48 Flint Dr., Suite 101, North East, MD 21901


Ages: 2½ to 3 years

Dance Experience: 0-1 Years

Class Time: 30 to 45 Minutes

Dance Type: Ballet