Our performances allow students to demonstrate their skills learned in class in a fun and exciting environment! One of the benefits is the development of self-presentation. Your child will develop confidence as they present themselves in front of an audience while being supported by teachers, families, and their peers. Participation allows students to grow their self-esteem and self-confidence, developing poise and learning to overcome anxieties. They will also learn about social interaction and cooperation.

Working towards a performance also allows students to learn teamwork with their classmates as well as concentration and memory skills as they retain choreography. In a group performance, the focus is on working together on a shared goal, to share our love of dance with others!

The Dancing Lights Ballet School is proud to provide multiple performance opportunities throughout the year for dancers of all ages. Please understand that these performances are optional and are not mandatory.  No child will be forced to perform or be excluded from class if she chooses not to perform. If your child is uncomfortable performing in front of an audience, please let us know and we will make arrangements to their needs.