Join us for our annual event, Royal Princess Ball (formerly known as our Daddy Dance). The Dancing Lights will perform a magical evening for little girls and their favorite dates. After much consideration we’ve decided it is time to make this name change to show respect for the ever-changing family dynamic of today. However, the concept is the same, your princess gets to choose a special person in her life (Dad, Mom, Grandparent, Uncle/Aunt, etc.) to perform a dance with her on stage.

This program is for our Ballet II and Jazz II classes. Participation is optional. Students can be excused early from class on the day of practice if they are not participating. We only wish to instill a love of partnering while dancing. Father, Mother, Step-Parents, Uncle’s, Grandparents, close friend of the family are welcome to participate as the dancers date.

Please remember that for classes performing there will be no classes held at Dancing Lights, Green Acres, or TLK daycares during this week, unless otherwise notified for make-up class purposes.

Instructors will be dancing along during the performance. To help create a moment on stage that is special for your daughter, please extend the invitation to any family member to join us on this special day. Performance is 30 minutes long (including the practice prior to showtime). We allow 45 minutes for some larger classes. We will also practice as a group at the beginning of our scheduled time. The day of our event we will divide into groups of three Princesses and their Partners.  Please be respectful of the girls dancing on stage if you arrive earlier than your scheduled performance time. Other girls may be finishing their special moment and it is important to remind families to please sit quietly until your daughters class is directed to dance. We would like to keep the auditorium doors open for all to come in and enjoy each other’s experience. Please note siblings should be seated and supervised.


All performers are to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled showtime.

Schedule Coming Soon

Practice Dates Coming Soon

If your daughter does NOT wish to participate in this activity please know she can be excused early from class on the practice day. We only wish to instill a love of partnering while dancing.

Recording and photographs is allowed and highly recommended during the Practice Dance in class and Showtime. There will be a class picture at the end of the performance.

Our dancers are asked to wear their favorite dress.  Please be sure to bring their ballet shoes, as they will be needed for their performance.  Daddys or Moms can wear what they would like.  We have had dads in the past go very casual (jeans), military dress, to full out tuxedo!

All ballerinas love to receive flowers!  This is a traditional way to show the ballerina in your life that you truly enjoyed her performance.  In the past, most of the parents have given flowers to the ballerinas.  Inevitably, there is always a little ballerina who does not receive a flower and feels left out.  Even a single flower with a bow will make your ballerinas hearts soar!  We do a class picture at the end where all the girls hold their flowers so please think of something special if possible.