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How can this school benefit my child?


There are many benefits to be found in the art of dance. Physical benefits include coordination, flexibility, fitness and strength. There are also intellectual benefits which include spatial development, patterning, sequential learning, problem solving, right and left brain inclusion. Your child will benefit socially from dance classes as they build camaraderie with their classmates and lifelong friendships. Dance classes also help build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and persistence.

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When should my child start dance class?


A  child’s dance education can begin as early as the age of two. This is usually when they have the motor skills to participate in a dance class. Children are like sponges, eager to learn. Our Premi-Ballerina class is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of dance! This class is for 2 1/2 to 3 years of age. We also offer a class, Pre-Ballet A, for dancers 3 1/2 to 4 years of age but it is recommended to have at least 1 year of dance experience.

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Why The Dancing Lights Ballet School


At The Dancing Lights Ballet School, we believe every student deserves the best dance education, regardless of age, ability, aspiration or socio-economic status. Our program is designed to give students the highest quality classical ballet education, supplemented by exceptional training in contemporary dance styles. Our syllabus is designed to build strength and artistry in every dancer, allowing each dancer to work in a healthy, anatomically correct way. At The Dancing Lights, we truly believe that dance is for everyone and that art can foster community, create positive influence and inspire the individual.

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