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Can I watch my child during their dance class?


Please do not enter the dance studio, peek through windows or doors while class is in session. This causes distractions and Dancers lose focus. We do love the idea of parents being able to see their dancer’s progress and growth. Parents may visit dance classes without siblings by appointment only. You are also welcome to bring other family members as well. Parents are invited to videotape any routine that their child is struggling with to facilitate practice at home with the Instructor’s permission.

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Can I stay in the lounge room while my child is taking class?


We are excited to share the large waiting room in our dance school. Parents may stay and relax till class ends. Only quiet/play time will be allowed in the waiting area. This space is to be used by dancers prior or during dance class. Dancers will go to the waiting area to change out their shoes if needed. Please refrain from peeking through the windows and doors. This has caused distractions to our dancers in the past and it’s imperative we have their attention at all times.

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What is the cell phone policy?


All cell phone use (social media, texting, phone calls) in the studio and lobby beyond parental contact is prohibited. Class content may be posted ONLY with the instructor’s permission. Individual selfie’s and group photos are also prohibited without the instructor’s consent. The Dancing Lights Ballet School wishes to preserve the integrity of a dance education.

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