Spring Recital

Why is the costume fee due early in the year?


We need to order costumes early in the school year because they take several months to make. Once the costumes arrive, we need to make sure they fit the dancers properly. This time frame allows us to exchange costumes that don’t fit, damaged upon arrival and we need to make return(s). We also have Class Picture Day towards the end of the school year which is usually held around the recital rehearsals. All costumes must be ready by then.

Why is the costume fee due early in the year?2018-07-09T14:51:26-07:00

How much is the recital and when is the payment due?


Costume I fee is $90.00 due by November 5th. Costume II (if in use) fee is approximately $35.00 due by April 5th. Exact amount for Costume II is to be announced. The second costume is not applicable for Advanced Dancers. Students, parents, family members and friends will need to purchase a ticket to attend the recital. Tickets may vary every year. Please view our Spring Recital page for more details.

How much is the recital and when is the payment due?2018-07-09T14:50:32-07:00

Is it mandatory to participate in the recital?


Participation for the recital is optional and non-competitive. Students will benefit from taking class whether or not they perform on stage.

Is it mandatory to participate in the recital?2018-07-09T14:49:37-07:00

Do you have annual recitals?


Yes! Our recitals are usually held in late May or early June. It includes a stage rehearsal and dress rehearsal. Details, dates, time and location are announced usually at the beginning of the year. You can view more details on our Spring Recital page.

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