Ashley Dougherty has been dancing for 21 years. She has training in tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, and pointe. She is currently studying at Cecil college as a dance major. In addition to teaching she is also a member of the eclipse performing dance company of northeast Maryland. Ashley has been teaching for 6 years and loves working with kids and watching them grow as dancers.


Kristin McArdle
Kristin McArdleArtistic Director & Dance Instructor
Heather Ley
Heather LeyDance Instructor
Louise Bukowski
Louise BukowskiDance Instructor
Ashley Dougherty
Ashley DoughertyDance Instructor
Nikki Wood
Nikki WoodDance Instructor
Angela Russo
Angela RussoDance Instructor
Michelle West
Michelle WestGuest Dance Instructor