Kristin McArdle founded The Dancing Lights Ballet School in Middletown, Delaware in 1998.

While attending the University of Delaware, focusing on a communications degree, I researched job opportunities in health and fitness to fund my degree. Initially interested in using my experience in dance and exercise physiology to create an exercise program, I was hired by the Brandywine Center for Dance in 1996 to teach adult fitness classes. I became the Director of Brandywine Center for Dance in Middletown. The following year with the support of local families, I began my own program, The Dancing Lights and Movement Workshop in St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. As the program grew, my focus shifted to solely teaching children dance. As word of mouth helped the program grow, we moved to the Annex of the Everett Theatre. After a year, we moved to our first studio at 11 W. Main Street, where we resided for 7 years. From 2006 to present we have been located in the Middletown shopping center.

Throughout my childhood I studied dance at Mrs. Mary Edmonson’s dance studio in Richardson Park, De. I was introduced to teaching dance technique to children while attending a workshop at The Atlanta Ballet during my time at the University of Delaware. In exchange for classes with the company I was able to teach summer camps and found my truest passion was creating a safe atmosphere for creativity in a non-competitive environment for children. To date, my greatest accomplishments have been being a part of this community and making memories for families through celebrating life with dance.


Kristin McArdle
Kristin McArdleArtistic Director & Dance Instructor
Heather Ley
Heather LeyDance Instructor
Louise Bukowski
Louise BukowskiDance Instructor
Ashley Dougherty
Ashley DoughertyDance Instructor
Nikki Wood
Nikki WoodDance Instructor
Angela Russo
Angela RussoDance Instructor
Michelle West
Michelle WestGuest Dance Instructor